• Holistic Facials & Waxing

    It is my privilege, pleasure and passion to help you achieve glowing, healthy, happy skin!

    I use botanically based products that are systemically safe for your skin and entire body.


    Enhance Your Facial

    Dermaplane, Gua Sha, Microcurrent or Microdermabrasion $30

    Pep in the Step Scrub $15
    Exfoliate & detox tired feet with balancing essential oils.
    • Heat the Feet Wrap $10
      Warm the heart & sole with this hot towel treatment.

    Facial & Underarm Waxing

    Brow, Lip or Chin Wax $15
    Brow & Lip Combo Wax $25
    Brow, Lip & Chin Combo Wax $30
    Full Face Wax $45
    Underarm Wax $45


    Guide Me

    Guide Me Facial $50 -- 30 minutes
    In this introductory facial, we'll visit about your skin care routine, concerns and goals, then I'll give you a relaxing cleanse, examine your skin, and recommend a plan that incorporates home care and professional facials to turn your skin wishes into skin reality.

    Relax Me

    Relax Me Facial $75 -- 60 minutes (Series: 3 for $210, 6 for $390, 12 for $720)
    Simplicity at its finest, this traditional Cleanse + Exfoliate + Hydrate facial is paired with a relaxing hand and arm massage.

    Pamper Me Perfectly

    Pamper Me Perfectly Facial $150 -- 90 minutes (Series: 3 for $425, 6 for $800, 12 for $1,475)

    The most rewarding "me time" you'll have this week (maybe month). Indulge in this deeply relaxing, personalized experience that incorporates all the tools necessary to reach your skin care goals. A pre-service consult and thorough skin analysis will determine the perfect cocktail of treatments for you. Treatments may include: gua sha, microdermabrasion, microcurrent, high frequency, dermaplane, cupping, ice roller, cryo sticks, tapping, reflexology, crystals, LED light therapy, and more.

    Dermaplane Me

    Dermaplane Me Facial $100 -- 45 minutes (Series: 3 for $250)

    Shed the vellus hair, a.k.a. peach fuzz, and top layer of dead skin cells for a flawlessly smooth surface. This excellent exfoliation method allows serums and moisturizers to penetrate deeply and work more effectively, and makeup application will be flawless!