• Holistic Body Treatments

    By definition, the word holistic encompasses the entirety of the human experience: body, mind, heart, and spirit. When nerves are calm and mind is clear, everything seems to flow in joy and radiate far and wide. Besides benefiting us, our clear and balanced state radiates far and wide to calm even our most resistant and anxious neighbors. This, friends, is what's known as a win-win!



    Copper Bowl Foot Soak + Meditation

    Copper Bowl Solo Soak $80 (60 minutes)
    Duo Soak $150

    Experience healing bliss with a calming cuppa, exfoliating foot scrub, foot soak and guided meditation. Aromatic oils, herbs and minerals plus warm water fill a beautiful Egyptian copper basin to create an incredibly soothing and immune-boosting immersion. With more than 200,000 pores and 7,000 nerve endings on the sole of each foot, the body is able to relax and detox with great ease. Pairs nicely with a facial or body treatment. Choose Duo Soak to make a Foot Soak memory with someone you love.


    Castor Oil Detox + Energy Balancing

    $90 - (60 minutes) Series of 3: $250

    This deeply relaxing experience utilizes an organic cotton castor oil pack, heat, scalp and foot massage, sound therapy and energy balancing to restore equanimity for body, mind and spirit. The absorption of the organic castor oil stimulates healthy blood and lymphatic flow, as well as liver detoxification. This service may ease uncomfortable symptoms of endometriosis, PCOS, and inflammation.


    The pack is yours to keep and, when stored properly, can be used up to 30 times. Receive a $5 credit when you bring it to subsequent sessions.

    Energy Clearing & Balancing

    $75 - (60 minutes) Series of 3: $210

    It may not be physical, but the body's energy system is real and "drives the bus" for the more tangible parts of our human experience on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. Illnesses are said to originate in the energetic field, so maintaining good, balanced energy makes us more resilient to the stressors that can throw us off course. Many tools, including breath, meditation, visualization, sound therapy, and aromatherapy can work together to achieve a balanced energy system. A pre-session chat enables me to customize a relaxing energy clearing and balancing session especially for you.