• What People are Saying

    From her facials and waxing to yoga classes and guided meditations, folks far and wide are blissed out and buzzing about Erin's magic touch.

    "Beyond Expectations"
    Pam T.

    "Your facials go way beyond my expectations!! I have had a few facials over the years, and I have NEVER had anyone as wonderful as you are. From the start, you help me to relax and focus on an intention, and that is just the beginning. You are incredibly talented in your job, and it's obvious that you LOVE what you do. That love comes across loud and clear, allowing me to totally trust you. And the results - well, my skin is glowing right now, and that does wonders for my aging body, as well as my psyche!!! I left feeling relaxed and beautiful. Thank you again for an incredible experience from start to finish, Erin. What an amazing, talented, beautiful person you are!!!"

    10/10 Would Recommend
    Beth B.

    "I purchased a gift certificate for my pregnant sister from Erin. Not only was she quick to respond and extremely kind towards me, she also worked with my sister to personalize an experience that was perfect for her physical and skincare needs. My sister had a great time. 10/10 would recommend."

    Earth Angel
    Allisyn H.

    "My services were provided by the Earth Angel, Erin Snow, who is a phenomenal yoga instructor as well as a gifted and highly skilled esthetician. The facial I received was unlike any other skin service I have every experienced...transportative and transforming! I floated away on a cloud of glowing bliss as each amazing step of this facial unfolded. The fresh scents, the soothing, healing cleansers and moisturizers complete an unsurpassed other-worldly experience that left me wanting more, more, more... So, of course, I rescheduled. On the regular! If you are looking to treat yourself (or someone you love very much) to a truly positive, life-changing experience, book your facial or yoga session NOW, y'all! Your soul will thank you!"

    Yoga Style
    Renee R.

    "I really loved Erin’s teaching style and playlist. And her, of course. I am very picky about yoga teachers, too! She is one of 4 yoga teachers that I like and I’ve done yoga all over New Orleans SINCE 1997!!!"

    Best Facial
    Megan H.

    "The best facial I’ve ever received. I love how she incorporated massage, products and a treatment. This made my experience worth it. Will definitely book again."

    Love Erin
    Karen D.

    "Love Erin, my facials are amazing. Not only does my skin for great, but so do I."

    Stress Reliever
    Desiree M.

    "Erin gives a great facial. What a stress reliever! I’m going to take care of myself and do this more often."

    Soul-Filled Work
    Margaret R.

    "Erin gives one of the technically best facials I have ever enjoyed. But what she offers as a facial 'experience' is truly unsurpassed. Erin loves what she does, and it shows. At Zentilly Cove, she has created a tasteful, unhurried, genuinely caring environment. After a warm initial conversation, I slipped onto the cozy table, and was transported into a candlelit world of soothing aromas and healing touch that left my skin glowing. (My hands and feet got in on it, too!) Thank you, Erin, for your skillful and soul-filled work!"

    Beautiful Soul
    Jennifer H.

    "Erin is a beautiful soul!!! Erins facials are relaxing and rejuvenating! Her soft voice and calming demeanor allow you to escape from the craziness of the day! Erin is has a wealth of knowledge on skincare, yoga & self care and shes always researching and learning new information to share. I highly recommend any service with Erin!!!"

    Happiness & Great Service
    Angel C.

    "I love coming to Ms Erin Snow! She always makes me feel so welcomed. She is always in a great mood and happy. She always cheers me up with happiness and great service!"